Hello userIp ?>!

Append the following to /etc/network/interfaces :

# IPv6 using a 6to4 tunnel to the internet (from
# Generated at http://debian6to4.gielen.name/
auto tun6to4
iface tun6to4 inet6 v4tunnel
	address 2002:12cc:235::1 
        netmask 16              
	gateway ::
	endpoint any

# If you have an IPv6-capable firewall (and you really should have one),
# it can be enabled by using an "up" rule, such as the example below.
#       up /usr/local/sbin/ipv6firewall.sh tun6to4

Use IP address


Welcome to the 6 to 4 config generator for Debian & derivates.

This page can help you to get your computer on the IPv6 network without support from your provider. The only requirements are a "real" IPv4 address and a Debian-based Linux distribution. I've tested it with Debian and Ubuntu, and it should work with any distribution that uses Debians network script. Let me know if you have tried it on any other distribution at casper@gielen.name. Your distribution must support IPv6, but all recent distributions do, so don't worry about this.


  1. Verify that the address in the form above is your actual IP address. If not, enter the correct address and generate a new configuration.
  2. Append the generated text to your /etc/network/interfaces file.
  3. (optional) Install an IPv6 firewall.
  4. Start IPv6 with the command: ifup tun6to4
You can now test your IPv6 connection, for example with ping6 www.ipv6.org.
If it doesn't work, make sure that your firewall allows IP protocol 41 (protocol, not port) through.
If you revisit this page you should see your IPv6 address in the welcome message at the top of this page.
You can find some interesting IPv6 enabled sites at the SixXs Cool IPv6 Stuff page.

This page is based on the Debian 6 to 4 Setup page by Craig Small.
For more information consult the Debian IPv6 Project (especially the General Setup page) and the IPv6 HOWTO.

Casper Gielen 2008-2012 (casper@gielen.name)